Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever


Cabin fever every time I see her, I get cabin fever in my mind
It ain’t funny, I’m like a fly in honey, spending so much money on wine and dine

Prize fighter at my typewriter, ready, set fire with every line
but I can’t write you ‘cause I’m always with you and this cabin fever robs me blind

Motorcycles make my baby frightened and my Chinese rifle makes her cry
Everybody on the river’s running and catching cabin fever on their lines

Baby, I’ve been here before, I built this table and I’ve mopped this floor
Why don’t you tell me why it is you’re cryin’ “more, more, more, more!”

I was wrong to leave you battered and bruised, but all my lovin’ stops here with you
So lets turn off the lights, chip off some ice, make it real nice, baby it’s alright,
We’re staying in tonight

with our cabin fever, where we’re true believers in underachievin’ with our time
When our chimney’s smoking, you might think we’re joking
but our love is soaking up the fire


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