Spring Sparrow


Spring Sparrow


Oh sparrow, come near
The sun’s going down
Fly me back home
Wherever that is

The battle is done
And the music is faint
But the bells ring of love
It’s funny you came

Chorus 1
I spent my winters in your arms
Summer mornings playing cards
Autumn nights in garden beds
Before the frost bit down

Chorus 1A
Moonlight bathes the park
As we are making love in the dark
And all you have to do is tell me what it is you want
And darling you’ll sing away the memories that changed my heart
Won’t you sing away the memories?

Oh sparrow don’t hide
It’s snowing like hell
But your wings aren’t stuck
And your nest is dry

The battle is won
And my uniform’s frayed
But the bells ring of love
It’s so funny that you came

Chorus 1
Chorus 1A


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