Photo by Eric Bouwens
Photo by Eric Bouwens


After Sally (2017)


Detroit (2015)




Great to see Cameron Blake getting to play the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Stage tonight, opening for Joe Jackson.

Posted by Local Spins on Friday, July 20, 2018


“Blake’s mellow tenor displays variables within variables: soft articulation blended with singular inflection instilling the lyrics with passionate restraint and unobtrusive delicacy of allusion. It’s a voice that calls to mind Art Garfunkel amalgamated with Nick Cave, fragile, beautiful and evocative.”    -Huffington Post

“Blake’s breathtaking eye for significant detail and his skill for getting inside of characters to reveal flesh and blood human lives is nearly unparalleled among modern songwriters, no matter if they are mainstream or indie.”    -No Depression

“On Fear Not Cameron Blake reaches far; impressively, that reach doesn’t exceed his grasp.”  -Stereophile

“Emotionally stirring”   – American Songwriter

“ebbs and flows with cinematic grace”  -Magnet

Fear Not aims high, but he ends up doing justice to his ambition by paying close attention to saying what he wants to say in just the right dramatic light. It makes for one of 2017’s most interesting studio releases.”  -Cashbox Magazine

Heaven Magazine (Netherlands), Interview by Louis Nouws

“His songs make your mind soar, soar all over our uncharted landscape. Yes, these 12  songs are profound. And require repeated listens to allow their poetry to sink in.”   -(Culture Catch, 2017 Album of the Year)

“Blake tackles all facets of the thorny subject of fear – physical, global, spiritual, personal — throughout this exquisitely produced recording.”  -Local Spins

“It is called ‘Fear Not’ and is among the most notable albums published by the end of last year. Storytelling with literary breath, but also and above all, fantasy and freedom of musical writing. Emotion and science, in short, to say it with Quincy Jones. And Jones really has something to do with the violin professor Cameron Blake, but also Tolstoy, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan and Jacques Brel.” 

-Late For The Sky (Italy)


“As a solo singer with just guitar he harnesses a very striking and emotive power, both through his prose-like lyrics and his delivery which carry the weight of those words. He has an immediacy that’s impossible to ignore.”

“This one man show deserves a standing ovation.” 

-Folk Radio UK

Alone On The World Stage is brimming with moments of powerful poignancy. This is folk music for those who want their songs to still mean something in the modern age.”   –Songwriting Magazine

“Blake has his finger on the pulse; the troubadour passing on the news in ‘town crier’ tradition.'”  -Maverick Magazine

“For me it’s just obvious, if a better record than Cameron Blake’s ‘Alone On The World Stage’ has appeared this year, than I haven’t heard it.”  -CTRALTCOUNTRY

“This is “thinking person” music, but that doesn’t mean it is unapproachable, on the contrary each song pulls the listener into the sonic mural Blake is painting, which is both beautiful and thought provoking.”  -XS Noize

“Raw, emotive, talented songwriting.”

“Cameron Blake is an adept fingerpicker, seemingly able to conjure full orchestras of sound from those six strings.”  -Clash

“The Michigan based folk musician comes to us with songs that can stand comfortably alongside the greats, yet feel fresh and modern.”  -Drunkenwerewolf

“Blake has achieved a feeling of impossible delicacy.”  -Back Seat Mafia

“Cameron Blake is continuing the legacy of America’s great folk singers, without getting caught up in history and pretense. Blake finds subjects that are modern, relevant and in my mind represent what it means to be a folk singer. A great album.”  -Spiral Earth

“His voice and guitar abilities are also of such quality, that he could be singing the phonebook and be a success.”  

-David Hintz, FOLK WORLD



Johnnysgarden (Netherlands): #1 Album of 2015

Dual My Record Player (Spain): #2 Album of 2015

Independent Clauses (USA): #3 Album of 2015


“Cameron Blake’s Alone on the World Stage sees him standing out from the pack of singer/songwriters with powerful songwriting, passionate lyrics, and intimate performances. Blake sets the bar high for this year of albums.”  -Independent Clauses


(short list)

Frederik Meijer Gardens (Opened for Joe Jackson) – Grand Rapids

 Seven Steps Up – Spring Lake

Wealthy Theatre (Opened for Ben Sollee) – Grand Rapids

Fountain Street Church – Grand Rapids

The Intersection – Grand Rapids

St. Cecilia Music Society – Grand Rapids

Founders – Grand Rapids


Club Passim – Cambridge

World Cafe Live – Philadelphia

49 West – Annapolis


An Die Musik Live – Baltimore

Rams Head Live – Baltimore

8×10 Club – Baltimore

The Ottobar – Baltimore

HON Fest – Baltimore


Pianos – New York 

Mocha Mayas – Shelburne Falls

Cranberry Fest – Islesford, ME

Point Park University – Pittsburgh

Fright Farm Music Festival – Smithfield

Fitzgerald’s – Houston