On My Way to Jordan


On My Way to Jordan


So many people lookin’, that’s why I’ve got to leave.
I’m on my way to Jordan, to the middle of the sea.
I have heard that there’s a flower that can cure me of my pain,
so I’m on my way to Jordan, rain or shine or shine or rain.

Someone told me there’s a teacher, a prophet, and a saint
that walks barefoot through Jordan on the scorching river bank.
I have heard that when he’s fishing he will hook you through your heart,
so I’m on my way to Jordan, start or stop or stop or start.

Well, I’ve gambled all my money. I’ve gambled all my clothes.
I lost my last ten dollars on the dice I used to throw.
It’s said what lies in heaven is more precious than all gold,
so I’ll take my bet in Jordan, low or high or high or low.

The sand, it burns my eyelids. My lips are chapped and red.
The devil’s on my shoestrings, wishing I was dead.
Well, I told that hungry feeling “I’ve seen your kind before
and I’m on my way to Jordan where more is less and less is more.”

Now, I’m walking up the hilltop. The smoke ring clouds are gone.
The silence is unnerving but the battle cry still strong.
You failed to tell me when I started what side I would be on.
Now, it’s here I die in Jordan

So long.
So long.
So long.


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