Never Taught Much

Studio Version


Live Version


Never Taught Much


Momma never taught me to sing
Daddy never taught me to cry
Now you tell me that I must go
And learn how to leave things behind

Momma never let me walk home
Daddy never took me to swim
The old road is open, my hands on the wheel
But I’ll never touch you again

Chorus 1
Where did you come from and who do you know
When all of the world is dying alone?
You say you’re my lover, my sister, my friend
But you’re just like the others, protecting your skin

Chorus 1A
The sun burns for sinners, it rises for saints
And all your inheritance is lost in a blink
The costume was ugly, the mask bit my lip
You were quick to the punch, now I’m drowning in it

Momma never taught me to lie
Daddy never taught me to shave
Now every time I picture your smile
I shake and I can’t hold the blade

Momma never let me grow up
‘Cause daddy chased the monsters away
And as I watch these tears leave your eyes
I face that monster I clearly became

Chorus 1
Chorus 1A

Now you hear I’m coming back.
With all that I own and all that I lack
I will hand you a letter with a picture that if you
Remember deserves a good laugh

That momma never learned how to sing
Daddy never let himself cry
Now it’s time for me to run free and leave
And live off the land for awhile


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