Fountain Street

Photos and Videos by Yoon Choi. Bootleg recordings by Conor Bardallis


“This One’s for the Broken Hearted Few…”


One hundred people gathered on an frigid, blustery Wednesday night in February to celebrate the release of Cameron Blake’s new album Alone On The World Stage and raise money for Safe Haven Ministries, an organization that supports victims of domestic abuse. Cameron’s music has always attracted those soul searchers on the fringe who aren’t afraid of delving into their hearts and confronting their own fragility. Those who braved the weather were treated to a performance by an artist in top form who gave himself fully to the audience and the beautiful, cavernous sanctuary of Fountain Street Church with nothing more than a guitar and occasional piano. Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, U2, Amelia Earhart…. the list goes on. They all poured their hearts out on this same stage and exercised their own inner courage to add to the conversation. Professor David Crump provided some personal and moving observations and stories on themes of social justice and the complexities of the human experience. Ana Doonan and Cindy Sielawa also spoke on behalf of Safe Haven Ministries and shared about the links between homelessness and domestic abuse. It was a truly moving evening for those in attendance and between these bootleg recordings, videos, and photos, we hope that you can get a glimpse of this beautiful performance of Alone On The World Stage.







A Memento: Custom made guitar pick given by fan Mary Beth Mead.



1. Piccadilly Circus (LIVE)









2. Wild Blue Garden (LIVE)


3. Introducing David Crump









4. Fireman Snowman (LIVE)


5. North Dakota Oil (LIVE)

6. The Fisherman (LIVE)

“You learn when you have kids that children have a certain kind of logic that adults can’t have and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense but it’s very intuitive and it’s very guttural. Jesus talks about how you need to become a little kid and others talk about it. I had to put myself in that mode of thinking and turn my brain off to write this song. It’s kind of sad. It’s called The Fisherman.”











7. “Life Isn’t Fair” -David Crump


8. Rise and Shine (LIVE)


9. Fragile Glory (LIVE)

“This is a song called Kabuki Theatre.  The idea is that politics have gone completely out of control. The whole political structure is corrupt mixed in with some imagination… This is a Steinway piano! I’m not worthy to play it.”

10. Kabuki Theatre (LIVE)











10. “Orchestrating What We Can’t Control” -David Crump











11. Detroit (LIVE)


“In preparation for being a father I was tempted to ask ‘How could I possibly bring a human being into this world? A world where domestic abuse could happen and some of the stuff that David was talking about…’ But I actually had a completely different idea. I said BRING IT ON!”

12. Ultrasound (LIVE)

13. Ana Doonan and Cindy Sielawa (Safe Haven Ministries)









14. Welfare Street (LIVE)











15. Home Movie (LIVE)





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