Kids Art of Songs

Lucia Noykos (age 6) made these pictures for me. They are pictorial representations of songs of mine. This truly made my week.


Photo #1 says “I swallowed an army” (great phonetic spelling btw) which is from my song ‘Tiananmen Square’ and is a picture of the man standing in front of a tank.



#2 is my song ‘The Only Diamond I Could Find’ and shows a train portraying the lyric “Hopped a train on its way to Panama City”



#3 is ‘Fear Not’ and is influenced by our music video, showing two parents fighting and a boy in fear, then being happy at the end (“Oh the stars they look like pinholes in the sky” also featured).



#4 is the song “After Sally” and features the lyrics “We took the road with all the bends. We buckle down until the highway ends.”



Another young friend, Teddy at age 5 captured “The Only Diamond” with this illustration.  Beautiful stuff!


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