Home Movie

Home Movie


The curtains open, the lights go dim 
Cough drop settles deep in his throat 
The projector clicks and spins 
The camera pans up a sleeve to a face then falls and blurs 
Still frame of a sycamore tree 

And momma’s there 
And daddy’s there 
That’s my yard 
Now that’s me 
And time stops moving 

Northern beaches on the sea 
Seagulls dive bomb tables where my family eats 
Someone picks me up and pulls me center frame 
You can see me smile as they splash me in the waves 

And grandpa’s there 
And grandma’s there 
That’s my dragon kite 
That’s my underwear 
And time stops moving 

Put that camera down 
Days we can’t erase 
Buried in the ground 
With so many intermissions 
To adjust the mirror 
Bury our fingertips deep in the ash 
Needing some damn thing to feel 
Another roll of film he calibrates 
Flip it on again and watch the same mistakes 

‘Cause Mary’s there 
And Peter’s there 
And that’s my church 
And that’s my boutonnière 
And that’s my ring 
And that’s my wife 
And that’s my watch 
And that’s our time 
But time stops moving