Fireman Snowman

Fireman Snowman


Striking down the Christmas tree
It’s one day after the Chinese New Year
Flattened boxes stacked on the curb
As the garbage truck turns and double backs in third gear

An ounce of prevention’s worth a pound of cure
My doctor always said
Many hard decisions my dear
Only lead to many more hard decisions

Running through the rookie years
Like a ghost train on a switch back trestle
On immigrant streets where the rooms overflow
And the Navy dock the ocean vessels

I am clawing for the sea like Jacob poised to wrestle
And the angel won’t let go of me
I’m in the ring and that’s the way he blesses

The family business now
I’m in the family business now and it’s fireproof
As we grow away and pass on through

Kissing all the girls goodnight
The snow’s still falling into Easter
All tucked away in one bed
With its cedar frame split from the bone dry winter

Baby’s first teeth come in
And she’s waking up in the early hours
My doctor tells me sleep when you’re dead
But your death will come sooner if you don’t start sleeping

A cup of mercy’s lying there
To ease the mind that’s racing
Flickin’ the ash into the air
He takes a drag from the filter remaining

Then you climb up those cathedral stairs
To memorize the fourteen stations
I never would have brought you here
But you’ve exceeded all my expectations

In the family business now
You’re in the family business now and it’s fireproof
As we’re passing on through

The snowman’s face reveals it
But the kids won’t notice as he melts away
Mother nature sure is brave
To make love come and go forever