We couldn’t keep the fire burnin’
Now it’s getting dark and I am cold
I feel the distant thunder yearning
So, I’ll sit and watch the sunset on my own

I always dreamed the day was comin’
When we would have a happy home
but I don’t know where I am runnin’
So I’ll sit and let my mind just start to roam

I don’t hear you when you’re talkin’
Your voice sounds fuzzy on the phone
My feet go numb as I am walkin’
So I’ll sit and drink this seventh one alone

I can’t stand the sound of breakin’
Coming through my radio
Have you ever felt a body achin’?
Then won’t you sit and try to mend this heart of stone?

We couldn’t keep the fire burning
With the driftwood in the coals
In the deep the tide is turnin’
So I’ll sit and miss the love we might have known


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