“I’m in the family business now and it’s fireproof as we grow away and pass on through!” (from Fireman Snowman)

I’m excited to share what I’ve been manically working on for the past year. It’s been a challenging and ambitious project; a full length record of solo songs called Alone On the World Stage. That’s right- just me with a guitar or piano like playing for friends in your living room. No extras; just honest, raw and soulful songwriting.

The efficiency and economy of writing a solo album was perfect for me at this time in my life after moving from Baltimore to Michigan to start a family. Now I have a beautiful daughter named Genevieve and a batch of twelve new songs that I’ve been writing during her sleeping hours.

There was a huge learning curve playing solo and writing songs that can carry without any added instrumentation, but it was an invigorating process that has forced me to become even more critical of my writing, improve my guitar skills and stretch my voice to new emotional heights. It’s all been an exercise of courage building and there have been many artists who have inspired me throughout the ups and downs of writing from Nick Drake (Pink Moon) to Japanese Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno and Danish filmmaker Carl Dryer (The Passion of Joan of Arc). Less is definitely more at times.

I’ve heard it said that the ingredients of creativity are experience, observation and imagination and the lyrics on this album reflect this. Songs like Ultrasound and Fireman Snowman describe my own personal journey into fatherhood but the majority of my lyrics/narratives came from my own imaginative way of seeing things and commentary on human nature, politics and relationships. I invite you into the journey.