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  • Without The Sound of Violence (2012)

    "Blake’s muse has taken him through some heavy places on Without the Sound of Violence, and he has come out with some memorable tunes for it. Songs like “Driftwood” tap into deep, heavy emotions excellently." (Independent Clauses)

  • Cameron Blake with Strings: Live (2010)

    "The sound of a big wooden room compliments Blake’s music so well that many live tracks end up being superior to the studio versions.  'Where the Blossoms Fall' is the jewel on this album- a pristine, heartfelt performance." (Driftwood Magazine)

  • Hide and Go Seek (2010)

    “With more bands than ever distorting and editing their instruments and voices, hiding behind walls of technology, it's refreshing to hear the clarity and genuine talent with which Cameron Blake projects his thoughtful lyrics and addictive melodies in his new record Hide and Go Seek.” -Stephen Reichert (Smartish Pace)

  • En Route (2009)

    “Blake manages to work a perfect balance of folk, pop and rock with profound lyrics that have a deeper meaning than your run of the mill love song” –Revue Magazine